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These are the books (so far) in The Revival Team Series by Deakon Reeves. The Prequel is free for signing up to Deakon’s newsletter (sent out around once a month and unsubscribe whenever you want). Book One in the series, Clerics of the Light, is also currently free. Just click to get yours now (you’re going to love these books)!

Dawning Lights Book Cover
ebook cover for Clerics of the Light by Deakon Reeves
BOOK ONE (Currently Free!)
ebook cover for The Mighty Men, a Christian adventure novel
ebook cover for the Deaconry by Deakon Reeves

Meet Deakon Reeves, the persona, or ‘alter ego,’ of a real flesh-and-blood author who is committed to delivering Christian Faith and Adventure Fiction in its purest form.

But why the pen-name? Or why the persona? Reeves describes it like this:

“Early on, I became aware that I have a ‘propensity towards pride’ – and since we all have our crosses to bear, I decided that I might be better off, spiritually, if I didn’t plaster my real name and my image across everything.”

In carrying this ‘humility check’ a step further, Deakon keeps his personal promotional efforts at an absolute minimum.

“And it’s not because I’m shy… because I’m really not. I’ve been accused of being somewhat of a ‘Ham’ by those who know me and love me best. And it’s not because I’m ashamed of the Gospel, either. Not by a long shot. So I’m not hiding… I’m just abiding.”

In this intriguing attentiveness to show less of himself and more of God in his life and work, Deakon Reeves really does embody a Christ-like humility. But you won’t find that modesty over-saturated in his books. The level of adventure is top-notch, without that all-too-often side effect of being ‘unclean’ or unwholesome that Christian Thrillers readers often find themselves plagued with.

In his commitment of faith, Author Deakon Reeves (not his real name, of course) invites you to explore his unique world of soaringly faith-filled adventure from a Christian perspective.

And to make it a no-brainer, Mr. Reeves has written a prequel NOVELA  to his ‘Revival Team Series’ that provides a glimpse into how it all began. IT’S ABSOLUTELY FREE!

Or, see his “Links Page” for more options.

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