Why we need to put on the Full Armor of God

As believers in Christ, we are engaged in a spiritual battle

One that requires us to be equipped with the full armor of God. Just as a soldier prepares for warfare with physical armor, we are called to put on spiritual armor to stand strong against the schemes of the enemy. In this article, we will explore the significance of spiritual armor and delve into each component:

    • The Belt of Truth
    • The Breastplate of Righteousness
    • The Shoes of the Gospel of Peace
    • The Shield of Faith
    • The Helmet of Salvation
    • The Sword of the Spirit.

By understanding and utilizing this armor, we can confidently face the challenges and temptations that come our way, knowing that we are protected and empowered by the strength and authority of our Heavenly Father.

The Importance of Spiritual Armor

1.1 Recognizing the Battle

In our journey through life, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget that we are engaged in spiritual warfare. The enemy is not always visible, but make no mistake-

Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8b BSB

By recognizing the battle, we can better understand the importance of equipping ourselves with the need for Spiritual Protection. Just as we wouldn’t step into a war-zone without Kevlar, we can’t expect to navigate the spiritual realm without first donning some serious protection.

1.2 Knowing Your Enemy

If we fail to gear-up, the devil and his demons will try even harder to steal our joy, distort our perception of truth, and sow seeds of doubt within our minds. That’s why it’s crucial for us to put on the Full Armor of God – to ensure we’re adequately protected against such attacks.

Understanding the Components of the Armor

2.1 The Belt of Truth: Standing Firm in God’s Word

Belt of Truth in the Armor of GodThe belt of truth is like a sturdy foundation that holds everything together. It reminds us to stand firm in God’s Word, which is the ultimate source of truth. By knowing and embracing the truth, we can resist the lies of the enemy and remain grounded in our faith.

2.2 The Breastplate of Righteousness: Guarding Our Hearts and Emotions

Breastplate of Righteousness in the Armor of GodJust as a breastplate protects vital organs, the breastplate of righteousness guards our hearts and emotions. It reminds us to live in righteousness and integrity, protecting us from the attacks that aim to corrupt our character. By wearing this armor, we can defend ourselves against negativity and temptation.

2.3 The Shoes of the Gospel of Peace: Walking in God’s Will
Sandals, boots, shoes, footgear of the Gospel of Peace in the Armor of God
The Sandals of Peace

The shoes of the gospel of peace equip us for the journey ahead. They remind us to walk in peace and share the good news wherever we go. By embracing God’s will and spreading His love, we not only protect ourselves but also impact the lives of those around us.

2.4 The Shield of Faith: Defending Against Spiritual Attacks

Shield of Faith in the Armor of GodIn a world full of doubt and uncertainty, the shield of faith is vital for our protection. It defends us against the fiery arrows of the enemy, which come in the form of fear, doubt, and discouragement. With faith as our shield, we can confidently face any spiritual attack that comes our way.

2.5 The Helmet of Salvation: Protecting Our Thoughts and Beliefs

Helmet of Salvation in the Armor of GodJust as a helmet protects our head, the helmet of salvation safeguards our thoughts and beliefs. It reminds us of our identity in Christ and the salvation we have received. By putting on this helmet, we can block out the lies and negative influences that try to infiltrate our minds.

2.6 The Sword of the Spirit: The Power of God’s Word

Sword of the Spirit in the Armor of GodThe sword of the Spirit is our offensive weapon. It is the power of God’s Word, which we can use to combat the lies of the enemy. By studying and meditating on Scripture, we gain wisdom, find encouragement, and effectively wield the sword to overcome any spiritual battle we face.

Remember, putting on the full armor of God is not a one-time event but a daily practice. By staying equipped and aware of the spiritual battle, we can navigate life with confidence and stand firm against anything that comes our way. That is, so long as we make sure we’re equipped. So that we can march onward in the strength of the Lord!

In conclusion:

The full armor of God is not merely a metaphorical concept, but a practical and essential parts in our spiritual journey. By recognizing the battle we face, understanding the pieces of the armor, and intentionally putting them on, we can navigate through life with confidence and victory. Let us not underestimate the power of spiritual protection and the significance of standing firm in God’s truth. As we continue to grow in our faith and walk in obedience, may we always remember to clothe ourselves with the ‘full armor’ that God has provided for us. Then we can know – without doubt – that we are equipped to overcome every obstacle and live victoriously in Him.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is spiritual armor important?

Spiritual armor is important because as believers, we are engaged in a spiritual battle against the forces of darkness. Without proper protection, we can become vulnerable to the enemy’s attacks and schemes. The armor equips us to withstand and overcome these challenges, ensuring that we can live a life of victory in Christ.

2. How do I put on the full armor of God?

Putting on the full armor of God involves intentional and daily practice. It begins with knowing and understanding each component, such as truth, righteousness, faith, salvation, and God’s Word. Then, we must actively apply these principles to our lives through prayer, studying the Scriptures, walking in obedience, and relying on the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

3. Can I pick and choose which pieces of the armor to use?

It is essential to put on the ‘whole’ armor of God rather than selectively choosing specific pieces. Each component of the armor works together to provide comprehensive protection against the enemy’s attacks. Neglecting any part of the armor leaves us vulnerable in those areas, so it is crucial to embrace and utilize all pieces.

4. How does the armor of God help me in my daily life?

The armor of God serves as a spiritual defense and empowers us to face the challenges and temptations of daily living. It helps us stand firm in our faith, guard our hearts and minds, walk in God’s will, defend against spiritual attacks, protect our thoughts and beliefs, and wield the power of God’s Word. By wearing the armor, we can experience God’s strength, guidance, and victory in every aspect of our lives.

5. Where can I find out more about putting on the Full Armor of God?

Read your Bible! The Apostle Paul’s teaching about the Full Armor of God is in his letter to his friends and fellow believers in the city of Ephesus. Start in Ephesians 6:10 of your Bible or you can read about it here: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Ephesians%206%3A10-18&version=NLT


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