The Mighty Men

ebook cover for The Mighty Men, a Christian adventure novel

Old America is a dangerous place. But a retired Texas Ranger has one more promise to keep. He’s been charged with providing safe passage for an upstart team of missionaries who call themselves, ‘The Clerics of the Light.’ They’re a feisty bunch, hurtling headlong into whatever mission God is calling them to.

But with bands of bandits, vigilantes, and general anarchy at every turn, the Ranger is going to need some help—and he knows just where to find it. But the road is far and he’s slowed by villains and other misfits along the way, only to find out that one of the friends he’s counting on is deep in troubles of his own—an ‘abduction’… his daughter by a very flamboyant, but also very dangerous, sick and twisted kingpin.

In the meantime, the leader of the Clerics has butted heads with the murderous Voodoo Queen-Priestess of Louisiana—she‘s not playing nicely.

Can the Ranger and his men rescue the girl and fight their way back in time to save the Clerics?

“The Mighty Men” is like “Mad Max” or “The Hunger Games” but with a Christian flair. If you enjoy those types of stories, you’ll love Book Two in “The Revival Team Series.” Join in the Journey Today!

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