The Deaconry

ebook cover for the Deaconry by Deakon Reeves
The Deaconry by Deakon Reeves

Revival Teams are multiplying, spreading over and within America’s broken landscape. With the advent of such, a need is discovered—one not so different from that need discovered some two thousand years ago… by Jesus Disciples as they were building the Church.

Provisions. Supplies. Administration. Coordination. All things which are vital to the reckoning of a movement.

So a new kind of team emerges. Those who struggle behind the scenes in order to provide for those who are battling on the front lines. But nothing is safe in the wasteland of Old America, where lawlessness thrives, debauchery prevails, and bandits roam freely. Not only in the big cities but also along the supply routes.

Still, they press on. Knowing that they are “members of the body” and that their work is crucial to the cause for revival. Because all God’s people have purpose.

But they cannot help but wonder: Can America truly be revived? Reborn from these ashes? Can we make a difference?

“We don’t know- …but we’re going to try.”

The Revival Team Series by Deakon Reeves is Serious Christian Faith and Adventure. If you like thrilling stories full of spiritual mission, conviction, and purpose—that seem to be inspired straight out of today’s headlines—then you will love Book Three in the Revival Team Series: The Deaconry. Join in the journey today!

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