Clerics of the Light

ebook cover for Clerics of the Light by Deakon Reeves

Their world is crumbling. America has changed. Gone are the freedoms, the justice, and the decent behavior once so common. With moral decay ruling the day, a ‘Remnant’ arises—everyday men and women, whose aim is to turn things back.

In Book One of the Revival Team Series, we meet Alpha Team: The Clerics of the Light. Their mission? To take on a corrupt conman and false prophet who has taken over a church in Little Rock, Arkansas. His only aim is to line his pockets and revel in his sense of power. The Clerics of the Light run across this perversion but not by chance. God, in His providence, has called them. But heeding the call, ‘for such a time as this’ can be very dangerous… even life threatening.

With alliances forming and unexpected enemies on the scene, can this grass roots movement of modern day missionaries actually make a difference—should they even try?

Yes- they will try. They do it for God… They do it for country… They do it for all that is Right and Holy …but will they all survice?

The Revival Team Series by Deakon Reeves is Serious Christian Faith and Adventure. Fans of Frank Peretti’s, This Present Darkness will find a similar thrilling story full of spiritual mission, conviction, and purpose. Join in the journey today!

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