Triumphing Over Feelings of Inferiority

A pretty older woman is sad in the park.

Throughout our lives, and regardless of age, we might grapple with feelings of inferiority. We may even convince ourselves that we are less valuable, or of lessor importance, than others. This can be caused by unkind remarks from peers, unhealthy competitive climates, physical differences, difficulties in our relationships, and many other things. Feelings of inferiority … Read more

The Unfathomable Depths of God’s Grace

Incarnate Jesus with arms open between heavenly hosts and mankind depicting unimaginable depths of God's grace.

In the vast tapestry of human existence, there exists a concept that transcends our understanding and defies our attempts to simplify or reduce its complexity. It is a concept that encompasses both divine love and mercy, offering redemption to even the most wayward souls. This concept is none other than God’s grace – an overflowing … Read more